The 11th Annual Cedar Lake Super Bowl/Chili Cook-off is taking place on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, 2018!

Particulars: Participants should bring to the Clubhouse by 4:00PM, a slow-cooker (or similar vessel) filled with your favorite chili recipe. Everyone in attendance will have the chance to sample and judge the entries beginning at 5:00PM when the Clubhouse will be open for
business. Your entry is anonymous, so please get to the Clubhouse before 5:00PM! The attendees will vote for their favorite via blind tasting. In other words, we use numbers – not names placed at each entry. The sign-up list will be posted at the Pub so please stop by on upcoming Fridays before the contest and enter your name. You may also contact Janis at (973) 983- 8044 or via email at

There is an Inter-lake Chili Cook-off on Saturday, February 10 being held at the Indian Lake Clubhouse. Our winner will represent Cedar Lake unless there is a personal conflict. We’ll cross that bridge at the appropriate time.

CLUBHOUSE OPENS AT 5PM for the judges. Judging takes place from 5:00 – 6:15 PM, ending at just before the 6:30 PM kick-off. Light fare will be served throughout the game AFTER judging takes place.

The “big screen” will be set-up outside of the Pub for your viewing pleasure. Winners will be announced at half-time. Bring the whole family!