As a reminder, boats without 2019 tags are subject to removal from the Landings at any time and a $100 redemption fee will be imposed. Lakefront property owners should store their boats on their own property and not at a landing in order to provide space for non-lakefront stockholders’ boats.

Save the Date! The 94th Annual Meeting of the stockholders of the Cedar Lake Property Owners, Inc. will be held at the Clubhouse on Friday, September 20, 2019. Your vote is important! In order to conduct business, a quorum is necessary which means a majority of stockholders (50% plus 1) must vote in person or by proxy/absentee ballot. Stockholders will be receiving the Annual Report materials in late August and are asked to complete, sign and return their proxies/absentee ballots even if you plan to attend the meeting. You can take your proxy/absentee ballot back at any time prior to them being counted.

Lifeguards will be on duty as follows:

August 2nd thru Labor Day
East Beach and West Beach
Monday – Sunday: 12 PM – 5 PM

If necessary, due to staffing and scheduling limitations, both beaches may not always be fully staffed. At those times, the East Beach has priority for a lifeguard. The West Beach may not have a lifeguard. As always, it is swim at your own risk and NJ State Bathing Regulations and CLPO rules are in force at all times.

Stockholders are also reminded that ABSOLUTELY NO NON-RESIDENT BOATS ARE ALLOWED ON THE LAKE. This is strictly enforced to prevent the lake from contaminates being brought in from other waters. If you have used your boat, kayak or other watercraft in other bodies of water, the craft must be washed completely with a solution of one cup bleach to five gallons of water and then completely dry them out.

The Gazebo has landed at the West Beach! Thank you to all those involved on this project – Gerard Duphiney, Chris Aughey, Chuck Femminella, Steve Kovacs and Beth McNichol.

Shout out to Bill Hungerford, Tom Leto, Charlie Halpin, Charlie’s friend Pete, Gil Collins, and his nephew for taking some large fallen trees out of the lake at the northwest end of the lake.

Big thanks to Billy Nowicky and Steve Kovacs for their perseverance rewiring the lights on the pillars at the East Beach and in fixing the shower.

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