Landing Updates

Thank you to Jason Hall who installed the first Lifebuoy at Landing #1. Lifebuoys will be installed at all of the Landings. Jason thanks Mrs. Schilling and Mrs. Sheridan, two Cedar Lake Grandmothers that asked him to get this done. And thank you to Maddie and her friend Hunter for stopping at Landing 1 to give Jason a hand installing.

Please keep an eye on these lifebuoys and ropes, let the CLPO board know if anything is damaged, missing or vandalized. Educate your kids that these are not toys and are for emergencies only. These lifebuoy kits belong to you, the Cedar Lake Property Owners. Hopefully we will never have to use them.

Please be reminded that boats without 2019 tags are subject to removal from the Landings at any time and a $100 redemption fee imposed.

During the winter months, ice and boats don’t mix. Stockholders are reminded, as a courtesy to other members, to please remove your boats if they are presently in the water and properly store them on shore and secure them for the winter months. Please also check on your boats at the landings and make sure they haven’t blown off the racks.

Work parties have been busy “buttoning up for winter” as swim lines and turn boards have been put away and the floats and ladders stored for the winter. A special thanks is given to all who continue to help with the many tasks in maintaining the operation of the East and West beaches.

A final note, the CLPO Board of Directors wishes to extend warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season to all its stockholders.

SAVE THE DATE! Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration:

Saturday, November 30th
at 7:00 PM
at the West Beach

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