Happy Birthday!

2nd – Morgan Luer

5th – Nicole Leonard

10th – Jae Veres

10th – Jared Guyer

10th – Bill Hungerford

11th – Adam Warriner

12th – Becky Brennan

17th – Kathy Sheridan

18th – Chrissy Kovacs

21st – David Oliveira

22nd – Alex Dillman

26th – Jennifer Dyer

29th – Johnathan Testa

30th – Scott Meade

30th – Mark Bound

31st – Emily Hannan

31st – Robin Russo

Happy Anniversary!

3rd – Jackie and Tom Leto

4th – Cathy and Peter Marshall

9th – Dawn and Wayne Leonard

13th – Linda & Craig Clark

19th – Monica and Henrique Oliviera

28th – Emily & Tom Hannan

Need to add a birthday or anniversary to the list? Please contact theblurb@cedarlakecc.com.

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