1st – Ryan Russo

2nd – Ingrid Mirchuk

2nd – Linda Clark

3rd – Kelly Bednarz

5th – Kristin Meade

6th – Andrew Bednarz, Jr.

8th – Amie Ferriero DiCola

8th – Michael Bednarz

9th – Sarah Priore

12th – Ron Leonard

12th – Ward Dorer

17th – Sean Ulversoy

23rd – Greg Schultz

23rd – Mike Whitmore

24th – Billy Underwood

26th – Joanne Whitehill

28th – Joe Veres

29th – Shep Warriner

30th – Leif Ulversoy


7th – Lisa and Jeff Doyle

10th – Karen and Jim Oxenford-Melcher

12th – Karen & George Strother

Need to add a birthday or anniversary to the list? Please contact theblurb@cedarlakecc.com.

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