On Friday, May 24th, Meredith Petrillo, Denville Animal Control Officer and Cedar Laker, presented an informative session on how to stay safe living with bears in the neighborhood. Lots of information was offered to approximately 25 people in attendance, such as knowing bear facts when hiking and fishing and what to do if you should encounter a bear. The bears are out and they are looking for food. Whether you love the bears or hate the bears, do not feed the bears. Secure garbage cans (do not put them out the night before!) and remove bird feeders. Do NOT approach a momma bear and her cubs. If you see a bear, make it aware of your presence by clapping, talking, singing or making other noises. Breeding season runs from late May until August so be very alert while walking the lake.

Meredith took questions and the adults had very good ones as well as the kids who each left  with a “Know the Bear Facts for Kids” coloring book. It’s a good idea to reinforce bear facts at home. The more information we have, the better informed we are!

Many thanks to Meredith for her time and all that she does!

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