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Jun 1, 2019

June 1, 2019

President’s Letter

Welcome to June and the start of summer here on Cedar Lake, the warm weather and sunshine has finally appeared after what seemed like one endless month long rain shower. The season could not have started any better than it did over Memorial Day Weekend; the weather was fantastic and the lake was full of boats and the beaches full of smiling faces. The CLLA and Meredith Petrillo organized a “Bear Awareness Night” at the clubhouse and it had a great turnout and was a very educational presentation.

The CLCC organized a work party at the clubhouse and we were able to accomplish a great amount in one day. Keep an eye out for a second work party later in the summer. Many hands make light work and it’s a lot of fun to get together with neighbors and help improve our clubhouse. Many thanks to all the board members and residents who showed up to help out. A special thank you to the fishing club for purchasing new lights and getting them installed over the horseshoe pits, they were much needed and will be a big help on Friday nights for many summers to come. On Memorial Day, the CLCC was honored to host a ceremony to raise our Flag to top of the staff at noon.

In May the CLCC had our annual open meeting, this year we held the meeting on a Friday night and we had a great turnout of residents. The board elected officers for 2019 as follows:

President – Daniel Jackson
Vice President – Michele Watson
2nd Vice President – Bob Vidal
Treasurer – Tyler Young
Secretary – Barbara Vidal

Janis Nixon-Fols turned over her secretary role to Barbara after holding this position for many years. Thankfully, she will remain on the board to continue her service to our lake community.

Thank you as well to Matt Miner who passed the torch as 2nd Vice President & Bar Chairman. Matt has done a great job over the last few years revamping the bar and getting bartenders trained and scheduled. He too will be staying on the board.

June kicks off the busy season here in Cedar Lake and we have a full schedule of events and activities. The Hub Lakes Track meet will be on June 15th and we can always use more Cedar Lakers —both kids and adults— to help compete in the events. Please contact Kim Luer for more information. The CLFC has their derby on the 23rd and on the same day the CLCC will be hosting our annual Newcomers Party. If you are new to the lake or considering joining the community club this year, this is a great time to come and see what the CLCC has to offer.

In closing, please remember that with the school year ending our young Cedar Lakers will be out and about on the roads. Please be extra vigilant and take it slow while driving. Until next month, I hope you all are able to enjoy the warm weather and all that our beautiful lake has to offer.

Yours Truly,

Daniel Jackson
CLCC President


Join and pay for your Community Club membership online

In the spirit of improvement and in an effort to make the membership process as easy as possible, we are pleased to announce that—for the first time—an online payment option is available for CLCC membership dues in 2019! Simply go to on your computer, tablet or smartphone and follow the easy steps to join the CLCC online. Secure online payments can be made via debit/credit card and eCheck (electronic bank transfer). A convenience fee of 3.5% plus $0.45 will be added to all credit/debit card payments and just $0.45 for eCheck payments. These fees are collected by the payment processor and do not go to the CLCC. You may also opt to pay via cash/check, in which case there is no fee and you will deliver your payment to Susan Ulversoy at 115 Cedar Lake East as in the past.

Fast, Easy & Convenient

Join or renew online from your home or office. Save yourself a trip to deliver your payment. Receive email confirmation of your transaction.

Choose your payment method

Pay by debit/credit card for a small convenience fee. Choose eCheck for a fee of just $0.45. Deliver your payment and pay no fee at all.

Available Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do no hesitate to reach out to us at

A special note from the Membership Committee: The Hub Lakes Sports Season has begun. Please don’t forget that you need to be a paid 2019 Community Club Member in order to participate in any sports activities including the Swim Team.

Make it easy on everyone and be sure that you have paid online or sent a check to Susan Ulversoy at 115 Cedar Lake East. If you are unsure if you have paid for 2019, please contact Thanks for your support and understanding.

CLPO Update

CLPO Update


Boat tags (like membership tags) are required by Memorial Day weekend. Boats that do not have a 2019 boat tag are subject to removal from the landings and will require a $100 redemption fee per boat.

**No outside boats are allowed on Cedar Lake at any time. **

Standing water is breeding ground for mosquitos. If you are storing your boat at a landing or at your property, please make sure it is turned over to eliminate any standing water. Paddleboats are particularly susceptible to standing water in their bottom wells.

Lake Quality

We hear and understand stockholders’ concerns. No one wants a lake filled with weeds or the water level so high that it impacts stockholders’ property. Managing both are challenging especially given the recent weather. As we always do, the CLPO Board is in regular contact with our lake treatment company. We continue to assess water quality and the effectiveness of the treatments and work with their recommendations. As you know, the lake weed treatment was done on May 2nd and another application is expected to occur again in early June due to the high rainfall in May. You will be seeing some floating vegetation that will settle or can be removed from the lake if it is near your property. We appreciate you keeping us informed of what you are seeing, and your patience while we all deal with Mother Nature.

Swim Instructor & Swim Team Coaches

Swim Team will hopefully have some early practices before school is out but will begin the more regular schedule on Monday June 24th. Swim Lessons will start Wednesday June 26th. More details to follow but please come at the start time you did last year and she will evaluate and move groups as needed. If you are new, please email to get the start time.


Help Needed at the Beaches

We are asking for volunteers to help check for membership tags at the East Beach. We do not want the lifeguards distracted from their primary job of watching swimmers in the water. Please respond if you can help. Just an hour or two and whenever you have time. It is especially helpful on Saturdays and Sundays in July. Please call 973-957-0204 or email to let us know when you can help.


Boat Landings

We are working hard to keep the Landings in good shape and to complete repairs. If your boat is at a landing, we ask that you make sure that it is still secured on a boat rack, has not flipped over, filled with water, or blown to the ground. We also ask that all boats be placed on a boat rack so our landscapers can clean up the landings. They need access to clear the leaves and branches so if your boat is on the ground, blocking access to the lake or leaning against the picnic table, please move your boat to a rack. There is space on racks at Landings 2, 6, 8 and 9. Please contact Jason Hall if you have any Landing specific questions. Further, if you are lakefront, please do not keep your boat at a landing. We don’t have enough space. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please note these new rules have been added for everyone’s safety:

  • Only individualized floatation devices or rafts are allowed within the boundary ropes at the beaches and are subject to the lifeguards’ discretion. No oversized rafts are allowed at the beaches.
  • Beach or lounge chairs are restricted to the 3rd dock (dock closest to the entrance at the East Beach), dock area near the dam, the platform near the dam, and the sand areas. No chairs allowed on the 1st or 2nd docks.

As a reminder to all Cedar Lake beach-going parents or supervisors of young children and of non-swimmers:

Young children and non-swimmers cannot be in the water by themselves. A parent or supervisor must be within arms’ length of these children at all times.

Flotation devices, i.e. bubbles or swimmies, have been known to fail and do not make a non-swimmer a swimmer. Our lifeguards are not babysitters. It is the parent or supervisor’s responsibility to be within arms’ length of their young child or non-swimmers at all times while in they are in the water. Thank you for your cooperation in making this a fun, safe summer.

Use of the beach for parties or other activities requires permission from the Water Safety Committee. Guest tags and additional lifeguards may be required for an additional fee.

Reminder: There is a no alcohol policy at the East and West Beach. Please remind your guests of this policy as well.

Upcoming Events


6/15 – Hub Lakes Track Meet

6/23 – CLFC Fishing Derby

6/23 – CLCC Newcomers Party

6/28 – Stories in the Sand


7/14 – Cornhole Tournament

7/20 – Cedar Lake Day


8/9 – Food Truck Friday

8/10 – Horseshoe Tournament

"CLFC Bait Fish Stocking"

Photos by: Korinne Petrillo-Klug

"CLFC Bait Fish Stocking"

Photos by: Korinne Petrillo-Klug

"CLFC Bait Fish Stocking"

Photos by: Korinne Petrillo-Klug

"CLFC Bait Fish Stocking"

Photos by: Korinne Petrillo-Klug

"CLFC Bait Fish Stocking"

Photos by: Korinne Petrillo-Klug

"CLFC Bait Fish Stocking"

Photos by: Korinne Petrillo-Klug


Stories in the Sand with the Denville Public Library – Bringing the library to Cedar Lake!

The morning of Friday, June 28th, at the East Beach, Ms. Melanie from the Denville Public Library will read stories, have music to dance to, sing songs and do a sand craft all about the beach and summer. There will also be books to check out!

More details to follow!

Happy Birthday!

6/2 – Bob Foley

6/3 -Tyler Young

6/4 – Henry Patterson

6/5 – Zoe Durkin

6/5 – Wayne Leonard

6/7 – Zack Lancaster

6/9 – Veronica Luer

6/9 – Kaille Woodin

6/11 – James Bound

6/13 – Doreen Fuhrman

6/13 – Dave Weber

6/14 – Cassie Randall

6/14 – Dylan Randall

6/14 – Kim Palmer

6/14 – Lauren Jackson

6/16 – Marissa Meade

6/17 – David Bound

6/19 – Bob Vidal

6/20 – Justin Leonard

6/22 – Bonnie Leonard

6/22 – Aurora Luer

6/22 – Carin Pulice

6/25 – Leslie Veres

6/28 – Fusun Charles

6/30 – Lorie Lewindowsky

Happy Anniversary!

6/1 – Maura & Bill Peer

6/3 – Bonnie & Tim Leonard

6/24 – Kim & Dave Luer

July 2nd & 3rd: Joey Bella Memorial Fund – Celebrating 30 Years of Caring

July 2nd: Tricky Tray

$15/person – No advanced ticket sales
Open at 6:00 PM. Calling starts promptly at 8:00 PM at Gardner Field.
For more more information and/or to make a donation, call Susan Richardson at 973-625-1290 or 201-826-6506, or email
*No one under 18 yrs old admitted*

July 3rd: Band, Beer & Beefsteak

$60/person – 16+ Microbreweries
Starts at 5:30 PM at Gardner Field.
Entertainment by The Benjamins.
Tickets available online at JBMF.EVENTBRITE.COM.
Paper tickets available at Denville Town Hall & Smartworld Coffee. Email or call 973-627-2663 for more info.

CLLA Update

CLLA Annual Meeting

On Friday, May 3rd, the CLLA held their annual meeting with quite the fanfare, Kentucky Derby style! There was a great turnout, with fancy hats and Derby wear!  Prizes were given out to the most elaborate hats! The ladies reviewed their annual report including activities for both adults and children, their annual financials and discussed some new ideas for the coming year!  Special recognition and thanks to outgoing board members Eileen Whitmore and Paula DiDato for their many years and volunteer hours on the Board. An additional thanks went to Janis Nixon for her support of the ladies and her dual role as Corresponding Secretary. The meeting was closed with complimentary Kentucky Derby beverages and appetizers. Some played a few horse racing games at the bar and others were caught rolling dice with life size horses! The CLLA welcomed new board members, Korinne Petrillo-Klug and Karen DeRiso O’Brien.

Here is what the CLLA does. Please consider joining when you pay your Cedar Lake Community Club Membership!

The Cedar Lake Ladies Auxiliary (CLLA) is a fun organization dedicated to ensuring that Community Club members (kids and adults!) enjoy a wide variety of social events throughout the year. 

Your $10 contribution to the CLLA during CLCC membership helps support events such as Cedar Lake Day, the Easter Egg Hunt, Pumpkin carving and more! Thank you to all who have contributed!

Are you interested in becoming a member of the CLLA to help coordinate many of these events?  Eligible persons must be a female member of the CLCC who is in current payment of her CLCC and CLLA dues.

The executive board meets each month. Any active CLLA member is welcome to attend an executive board meeting. The annual CLLA meeting for the entire membership is held in the beginning of each year.

Some additional perennial favorite events hosted by the CLLA are the Pot Luck/Pizza nights, Halloween Trunk-o-Treating Tailgate, Wine Tastings, Photo Contest, Uptown Art, Paint N Pallet, Mardi Gras party, Boat Regatta/Dessert on the Docks, Mexican night! and the Holiday cookie exchange party featuring Santa.

The CLLA is always open to new ideas for events and fundraisers to support the events. Any CLLA member can chair an event with support from the executive board. For more information, please join our Cedar Lake Ladies Auxiliary Facebook Group or request to be added to our mailing list by contacting

2019 CLLA Executive Board
President: Jennifer Hologounis
1st VP/Parliamentarian: Heather Einstein
2nd VP/Membership: Becky Brennan
Treasurer: Tricia Margeson
Recording Secretary: Jenni Briggs
Corresponding Secretary: Janis Nixon – CLCC (note: Janis is stepping down, so this position will be replaced) 
PR Chair: Meghan Steudler 
Sandy Fields
Jackie Obeid
Korinne Petrillo-Klug
Karen DeRiso O’Brien

Cedar Lake House Flags

All 50 Cedar Lake house flags have been sold! There were a number of you who requested flags, but did not email/PayPal when they arrived, so the CLLA has gone ahead and ordered another 50 flags!

If you are interested, the cost remains at $35. You can pre-pay for them now and upon receipt, will be delivered to you. You can drop payment off at 69 Watchtower Road with checks made out to the CLLA, or make payment through PayPal (FRIENDS AND FAMILY) to 

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