The summer is finally here in our beautiful lake during these strange, strange times. Due to Covid the CLLA has not been as busy as we’d like to be planning fun social events for all of you. However, we are excited to host a graduation parade for all of our pre-school, fifth grade, eighth grade, high school and college graduates on June 27th. The parade route runs from the west side playground and follows Cedar Lake East around ending at the clubhouse. Attendees join in cars or ride their bikes and are encouraged to dress up in a cap and gown, wear school colors or decorate your vehicle. If you live along the parade route, please come out and cheer them on, hold signs, ring bells and share in the merriment of the occasion. If you do not live along the route but would like to attend, please find a boat landing, parking lot or beach where you can watch and cheer from. Please maintain social distance and ensure that you wear a mask if there are others around you.

At the parade, we will also be celebrating our first ever annual CLLA Scholarship winner! This year’s winner is Amanda White who will be studying animation in the fall. We wish Amanda the best of luck in her academic career and are so pleased we are able to help her set out on this exciting new chapter of her life (even if it may only pay for a book or two these days).

One of the favorite events for us to host is the long celebrated Cedar Lake Day. It pains us to have to stray from our traditions but our first priority of course is safety. While this event may look a little different as does everything these days, we do plan to hold it this year and we aim to include all the fun, camaraderie and healthy dose of competition that the day deserves. Keep an eye on Facebook for more info on this event coming up on July 18th.

As you walk the lake, bask on the beach or play on the tennis court,  please remember to be cognizant and respectful of your fellow neighbors. It has been wonderful to see how well our lake can rally together and support one another in the midst of a pandemic. But, there are many members here that still have weakened immune systems, are still part of a vulnerable population or just may not yet feel comfortable breaking down all the barriers we all carefully built over these past few months. We are all in this together and this isn’t over yet. Support each other, raise each other up, stay safe, and please continue to stay apart. See you (from six feet away) around the lake!

CLLA President

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