Beach Opening

The CLPO Board is working on plans to comply with state and local regulations related to beach openings. Social distancing requirements will be enforced once the beach is allowed to open which will most likely result in a limit to the number of people allowed on the beach at any given time. The playgrounds and basketball court continue to remain closed at this time and we are continuing to monitor when and how these facilities can be re-opened.

Beach Projects

The East Beach Bathroom is almost complete. The bathroom is beautiful and will be an asset to the community for years to come. A huge THANK YOU to Chuck Femminella, who acted as our general contractor, for his skilled expertise and countless hours constructing this beautiful building. Special thanks to Susan Ulversoy for her support of the East Beach construction project. Recently John Smith organized volunteer crews to help clean debris and level the East Beach sand area as well as preparing the West Beach for new sand. Thank you to all who helped, including John Smith, Chuck Femminella, Wayne Leonard, Adam Gibbons, Dave Encarnacion, Joe Cappetta, Anna & Anthony Novellino, Underwood Family, Graziano Family, Tim Leonard, Rich Ornelas, Mike Fallon, Jim Petrus and a special thanks to Dan Jackson for his time and machinery.


Boat tags (like Membership Tags) are required by Memorial Day weekend. Boats that do not have a 2020 boat tag are subject to removal from the Landings and will require a $100 redemption fee per boat.

**No outside boats are allowed on Cedar Lake at any time. **

Boats: Landings and Lakefront

If you are storing your boat at a landing please place your boat on a boat rack and whether at a landing or lakefront property, please make sure your boat is turned over to eliminate any standing water. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Please check your boats often. Reminder paddleboats are particularly susceptible to standing water in their bottom wells. Many thanks to Jason Hall for keeping the landings in great shape and also for installing life buoy rings at all landings for emergency use.

Water Quality

As noted in our email blast to stockholders last week, the lake was treated to deter the growth of weeds. As the treatment shows signs of effectiveness, you may see weeds floating in the lake. If you are a lakefront property owner or near a landing, please pull out the weeds or any other leafy matter, let them dry out and dispose of them through the Denville recycling center or request assistance from the CLPO. As previously mentioned, the CLPO requests stockholders and residents to eliminate all fertilizers and herbicides from lawn care plans to protect Cedar Lake water quality and help control aquatic vegetation growth.  This includes direct actions by both lakefront and non-lakefront residents as well as hired third-party lawn care service contractors. This request also applies to claimed “slow-release” and “phosphorus-free” fertilizers, which still contain other nutrients that can negatively impact lake water quality. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Nominations for CLPO Board of Directors

As a reminder, if you are interested in serving on the CLPO Board, you can be nominated to run in the annual election held in September. Nomination cards are available on the CLPO website or from the Secretary and due back by July 16 in order for your name to be placed on the ballot. This is an elected, volunteer position with a three-year term. Meetings are held on the third Friday of the month.

Lake Lowering

2020 is the year that the lake will be drawn down in order for lakefront property owners to perform work on their lakefront property, including repairs and construction of walls and docks or any other actions that impact the lake (water and/or lake bottom). Please request dock rules from the secretary if you are planning any repair or construction at

**IMPORTANT REMINDER: sand, dirt, rocks, vegetation or any other material may not be put into the lake under any circumstances.**

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