Cedar Lake Logo

The World Famous Cedar Lake Logo

In the early 1950s Midland Press Corporation of West Orange, New Jersey tasked their staff artists to design a logo for the residents of our beautiful lake community. Company owner Eugene Picking selected and added some local edits to this now famous and graphic depiction of our special community. Ms. Dorothy Rutan was that artist.

In the early 1900s the Hoffman family summered on the east side of the lake. Their teenage daughters swam and tanned during the summers in the clean spring fed vacation “playground” of Cedar Lake. Chris and Anna Hoffman’s girls started their families that soon became summer and all-year-round lake residents. They were Gertrude, Lillian and Marie.

They soon became the Picking, the Leonard, the Meade, the Eggert and, most recently, the Rhymers families.

The real identity (and pride) of this wonderful place where we live, however, is displayed around the county, our state, America and, believe it or not, the world.

Thank you, Mr. Picking, for you falling in love with your community, and for your insight to leave this memorable and recognizable logo legacy.

-Skip Eggert

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