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Cedar Lake Clubs //

The Cedar Lake Fishing and Sailing Clubs are open to Cedar Lake residents and offer organized activities to enhance the lake life experience.

About Our Clubs //

Adding to the overall enjoyment of life at Cedar Lake, several clubs exist under the larger umbrella of the Cedar Lake Community Club that cater to some of the particular interests of our residents. Existing clubs currently include the Fishing Club and Sailing Club. These clubs are organized, managed and supported by their members, with some assistance from the CLCC Board, CLPO, and Cedar Lake residents in general.

We invite all CLCC members to find and participate in clubs that interest them. Clubs may meet at the Cedar Lake Clubhouse with prior permission, and ideas for the formation of new clubs are always welcome!

Fishing Club

The Cedar Lake Fishing Club (CLFC) holds fishing tournaments, conducts fish stocking, and is involved with other fishing-related initiatives such as tracking catches to better understand the sizes and types of fish that call the lake home. The CLFC is open to all CLCC members. Membership dues apply. Please direct all inqueries to

Sailing Club

The Cedar Lake Sailing Club (CLSC) organizes and holds an annual Sunfish race for the prestigious Cedar Lake Cup. Several races are run during the summer months and training is available. No additional fee is charged to participate.The CLSC is open to all CLCC members. Please direct all inqueries to

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