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Hub Lakes //

Cedar Lake belongs to a sports association called Hub Lakes that is made up of a dozen local lake communities. The lakes compete against one another in 15 different sports all throughout the year. The friendly rivalris between the lakes has lasted for decades and provides for a lot of fun, excitement, and bragging rights!

About Hub Lakes //

Hub Lakes is a group of area lake communities which all compete against one another in a number of different sports and activities. The lake communities that currently make up Hub Lakes are Lake Arrowhead, Estling Lake, Indian Lake, Lake Intervale, Mountain Lakes, Lake Parsippany, Cedar Lake, Rock Ridge Lake, Rainbow Lakes, Lake Telemark, Lake Valhalla, and White Meadow Lake. The friendly rivalries that exist between the lake teams have existed for years and make for a fun and exciting experience for all who participate.

The current lineup of sports and their respective coaches are listed below. All Cedar Lake Community Club members are eligible to be members of any of these teams (not all teams are open to children). Although competitive in nature, Hub Lakes sports is intended to be a fun experience that promotes physical activity and a sense of camaraderie. To get involved, reach out to the coach of the sport you are interested in participating in, or contact our Hub Lakes coordinator at


From darts and bowling to swimming and softball, Hub Lakes feeds on good-natured competition among the different lake teams and athletes.


Hub Lakes is a unique organization that has been bringing our area lake communities together for decades.


Hub Lakes promotes social ties among the different lakes as well as among neighbors. Many friendships have come out of Hub Lakes, between people who otherwise would never have met.





Gary Petrillo


Dave Luer


John Smith

Golf (Men's)

Golf (Women's)

Horseshoes (Men's)

Gary Petrillo

Horseshoes (Women's)

Lisa Doyle

Softball (Men's)

Softball (Women's)

Cori Eggert


John Smith

Table Tennis



Kim Luer

Volleyball (Co-Ed)

Volleyball (Men's)

Volleyball (Women's)

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