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Discover the heart of community and celebration at the Cedar Lake Community Club in Denville, NJ. Our clubhouse is not just a venue but a vibrant hub for events of all kinds, from athletic activities to private celebrations. Equipped with modern amenities and offering versatile spaces, it’s the perfect place to bring your event to life.


Versatile Venue for Events & Celebrations


Fully Equipped Bar and Kitchen


Complimentary High-Speed Wireless Internet


Ample Floor Space with Available Tables and Chairs

Nestled in the heart of Denville, NJ, the Cedar Lake Community Club proudly presents its vibrant clubhouse—a hub of activity and celebration within the community. This versatile venue serves as the cornerstone for the club’s annual gatherings, offering an array of athletic amenities that cater to sports enthusiasts of all ages. From tennis and pickleball courts to basketball and volleyball facilities, not to mention the quaint horseshoe pits, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Beyond its athletic offerings, the Cedar Lake Clubhouse emerges as the perfect setting for a wide range of private events. Whether you’re planning an intimate party, a grand wedding reception, a memorable anniversary, a heartfelt retirement celebration, or a festive holiday gathering, our clubhouse is equipped with a bar and kitchen facilities to make your event truly special. But why stop there? The space is adaptable and encourages the hosting of diverse activities such as children’s parties, movie nights, teen dances, wellness classes like yoga and karate, cooking workshops, meetings, and much more, making it a versatile choice for all ages and interests.

Enhancing your experience, the clubhouse now boasts state-of-the-art wireless internet access, ensuring you and your guests remain connected. This fast, reliable WiFi service enables effortless streaming of music and video, live event broadcasting, and seamless web content sharing through displays or projectors, enriching your event at no extra cost. For access, simply coordinate with your event planner to obtain the necessary details.

At Cedar Lake Community Club, we are dedicated to fostering a sense of unity and joy through our clubhouse facilities. We invite you to discover the endless possibilities for your next gathering, where tradition meets modern convenience in a welcoming, community-focused setting.

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Please direct all clubhouse rental queries to You must be a paid CLPO/CLCC member to rent the clubhouse.

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The Cedar Lake Community Club, based in Denville, NJ, is a vibrant social organization dedicated to Cedar Lake property owners. We organize member events, maintain and improve our clubhouse, and foster community growth through careful fund management.

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